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Dainty Prong Radiant Moissanite Ring
Dainty Prong Radiant Moissanite Ring
Dainty Prong Radiant Moissanite Ring
Dainty Prong Radiant Moissanite Ring
Dainty Prong Radiant Moissanite Ring
Dainty Prong Radiant Moissanite Ring
Dainty Prong Radiant Moissanite Ring
Dainty Prong Radiant Moissanite Ring
Dainty Prong Radiant Moissanite Ring

Dainty Prong Radiant Moissanite Ring

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3 cts
4 cts
5 cts
8 cts
White Gold
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Rose Gold
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Amazing sparkle and finger coverage.
This gorgeous radiant cut moissanite surrounded by pave halo with delicate row of diamonds on the band.Made of S925 sterling silver and white gold plated or yellow/rose gold plated.

Product Details

Number of Main Stones : 1
Carat Weight : 0.5 ct /1 ct / 2 cts / 3 cts / 4 cts / 5 cts / 8 cts
Picture Carat Weight: 4 Carats
Stone Shape : Radiant
Enhancement: Lab Created
Stone Color : Diamond White
Stone Clarity: VS1
Stone Grade: E
Stone Cut: Brilliant
Stone Type : Lane Woods Moissanite
Ring Metal : S925 Sterling Silver
Metal Color: White/Yellow/Rose Gold

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Best Gifts for Anyone, Including Yourself

When you buy a gift for that special someone, or just want to give yourself a treat – buy Lane Woods Jewelry. You can never go wrong, Lane Woods Jewelry will always get the desired reaction, a surprised gasp at first glance followed by happy tears for years to come.
When you wear Lane Woods Jewelry, you are making a statement about being in charge of your own decisions. Its not a trinket you buy on a whim, jewelry shows that you are confident and happy. That’s why Lane Woods Jewelry is a great gift to yourself when you reach a personal or professional milestone, it’s an ultimate treat that will make you feel special.

Always Bling Bling – Shinier than Diamonds

Lane Woods Jewelry combines perfect craft with the romantic design of every piece. We went away from natural diamonds due to the monopoly from suppliers which has made prices skyrocket. Instead, we partner with Asian and Belgian labs that grow moissanite diamonds, which are not only more affordable, but more brilliant than natural diamonds.
Our lab-grown moissanite diamond has a refractive index of 2.65, much higher than that of natural diamond (2.41). Similarly, Lane Woods Jewelry diamonds have a fire luminance of 0.104, more than double that of natural diamond (0.44). Try it out – there’s no comparison, Lane Woods Jewelry diamonds are more brilliant.

Romantic Design and Exquisite Craftsmanship – A Perfect Combination

At Lane Woods Jewelers, we have perfected the craft of designing, cutting, performing, grinding and polishing diamonds, down to the finest details. Our diamonds symbolize romance that will always stand the test of time.
To make sure that every piece makes your loved one feel special, we use symbolism in our design inspirations so that there is a story behind every piece of jewelry we craft. This way, the romantic gift of Lane Woods jewelry is complete since your diamond exudes vitality and has more personal meaning.

Each and Every One of Gemstones Can Pass the Test

At Lane Woods Jewelers, we are proud of our work. Each moissanite diamond we sell will pass standard tests for diamonds. Try it yourself, take your gem to a diamond tester and conduct a thermal or electrical conductivity test – we guarantee that your stone will pass easily.
How confident are we? If your stone doesn’t pass an independent test, we will not only offer you a full refund, we will also gift you with a free new gemstone. If that doesn’t pass a diamond test, we will give you another one, till you end up with a diamond that passes all tests.

Unique Authority Certificate for Each Gemstone

When you buy from Lane Woods Jewelers, you will receive a unique authority certificate that accompanies each of our pieces of moissanite diamond. We employ objective third party labs who scrutinize every contour and facet of the diamond under their loupe or microscope, measuring and evaluating your gemstone so you can be confident of its value.
Have you ever seen some diamond jewelry that you coveted, but had to give up because it was too expensive? Those days are gone forever. Wave goodbye to disappointment and say “Hello” to your new, authentic and affordable diamond from Lane Woods Jewelry.

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