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Materials & Maintenance Advice

Wear & Care

To delay the natural process of oxidating, we advice you to keep your piece of LANE WOODS Jewelry  in a closed box, and keep it away from perfumes and water. Remove it when swimming, exercising and  sleeping. We understand if you wish to wear your piece of jewellery 24/7, just be aware that the string will need a replacement faster that way. LANE WOODS Jewelry uses 18k  or  14K goldplated and sterling silver .

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver which will naturally oxidate after a while, being exposed to air and the natural oil level of the skin. We advice you to polish your jewellery once a month with the complimentary polishing cloth you received with your order. You can also use silver cleaning products, just make sure you don’t stain the string.

Our 18k gold pendants are made of brass with a layer of gold. Normal use will eventually lead to oxidation. If and when this happens depends of the acidity of your skin. We advice you to polish your jewellery once a month with your complimentary polishing cloth.

The string we use is made in UK. How long it lasts depends on the usage. After a while, the string can show discoloration and might need a replacement. 

Our jewelries are made of 18k or 14k gold-plated or Rhodium plated Sterling Silver.