What Is Moissanite Fire

What Is Moissanite Fire?

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Moissanite is thought to be one of the most stunning gemstones in the world due to its beautiful and timeless brilliance, but what’s the reason for that sparkling shine? Let’s take a review of what’s behind the moissanite’s stunning sparkle.

What Is Gemstone Fire?

The term “fire” refers to the ability of gems to divide light into colors of the spectrum. The term used in gemology to describe the term “fire” is called dispersion. Dispersion happens when light frequencies that are different are diffracted in different ways by the medium in which light is reflected.

Visible light’s simplest definition is white. But, in this uncolored light, is a dazzling world of bright shades. Orange, red, yellow, blue, green violet, indigo — every color you can imagine and each one with its individual spectrum of light.

If light hits the gemstone, each of the colors is moving at a different rate and is reflected into a stunning view of colors.

What Is moissanite Fire

Does Fire Affect The Price Of A Gem?

Yes, indirectly, the fire of a gemstone can impact the value of the stone since it reveals to the user that the gemstone has been cut. If properly cut the stone will radiate the maximum amount of brilliance and flame. If the cut is too deep or shallow the light will escape from the stone, which causes its flame to dim.

In the case of gems that are colorless or near-colorless like diamonds and moissanite, it is particularly important to have fire since it makes the stones appear more attractive and vibrant.

Moissanite’s Fiery Sparkle

It is the first to mention that moissanite has a greater dispersion rate than most gemstones. Moissanite has around 2.4 times more dispersion or fire than the brilliance that a diamond or firestone like emerald provides.

The dispersion rate of moissanite is more than twice that of diamonds which means you’ll get a greater radiant fire that comes in the form of blue, red, green, or purple flames that are especially striking when viewed when lit with soft light. Moissanite also looks attractive outdoors thanks to its sparkling lighting display and subtle rainbow hue!

Moissanite's Fiery Sparkle

Will Moissanite Lose Its Fire?

Moissanite isn’t going to lose its sparkle. The color and clarity of the stone will not change over time. Grime and dirt are the only elements that could hinder the luster of a ring until it’s been cleaned. Damage to the surface of Moissanite could reduce sparkle as it does for any rings.

Does A Moissanite Cut Affect Its Fire?

Some Moissanite shapes and styles of the setting are able to produce greater sparkle than others. Facets are flat surfaces that have been cut to Diamonds, Moissanite, and other gems in order to reflect light and produce sparkle. The most sparkling cut is likely to be the round with the most brilliant.

It’s because the brilliant circle has a variety of facets as well as because they are usually worn as solitaires with greater proportions of the stone’s surface area exposed. The exposure lets light penetrate the ring through a variety of angles, enhancing the sparkle of the stone.

The science behind facet placement and angle in the brilliant round channelize sunlight through the band more efficiently than other styles. In turn, stones that have poor facet placement be less able to channel light back through the stone’s table towards your eyes, rather the light is leaking through the sides of the rings.

Does A Moissanite Cut Affect Its Fire

Does Moissanite Have Too Much Fire?

Many people believe they feel that Moissanite sparkles too excessively. They are concerned that all the dazzling sparkle can confuse users about the fact that the diamond in their ring isn’t actually a diamond. If you’re in the same group, a Moissanite ring might not be the right choice for you.

Moissanite wedding rings don’t look shabby at all They’re essentially the same as diamonds, and are just as durable and much less costly overall. They’re also environmentally friendly, attractive, and come with an amazing story of their origins.

Moissanite is a stunning and long-lasting stone on its own. Anyone who isn’t able to get enough sparkle will love a Moissanite ring. Keep it in good condition and it will retain its bling!

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ring size guide

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19 59.5 9 R-1/2 60 19.5
19.4 60.8 9.5 S-1/2 61 20.75
19.8 62.1 10 T-1/2 62 22
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20.6 64.6 11 V-1/2 64 24.75
21 65.9 11.5 W-1/2 66 26
21.4 67.2 12 X-1/2 67 27.25
21.8 68.5 12.5 Z 68 28.5
22.2 69.7 13 Z+1 70 29.75
22.6 71 13.5 Z+1.5 71 31
23 72.3 14 Z+2 72 32.25
23.4 73.5 14.5 Z+2.5 73.5 33.5
23.8 74.8 15 Z+3 75 34.75

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